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Simple Trick for Better Skin!

Want better looking, smoother skin? THEN LEAVE YOUR FACE ALONE.


One day I noticed that the skin on my face was starting to look a little darker than the rest of my skin, and I couldn’t figure out why. It certainly wasn’t a good look and I was desperate to get to the root cause (vanity, know thyself). Using honey to even out my skin tone wasn’t working anymore, using cleanser on my face wasn’t working, and tanning the rest of my body wasn’t an ideal solution. Eventually, I started to feel hopeless.

At that point, I was doing a honey mask maybe once a week or so, was using cleanser 2-3 times a week, was putting on moisturizer at morning and at night, and wore liquid foundation every day (more out of habit than necessity). Out of sheer desperation and annoyance I decided to completely stop putting things on my face and just see what would happen. I stopped using honey, stopped using cleanser, only used water when I had to get the crusties out of my eyes in the morning and get some makeup off at night (in addition to using gentle eye makeup remover), and I even stopped wearing foundation to work so I could give my skin some time to breathe (this was really, really hard).

Once I stopped everything, it only took about a week or so for my skin to look and feel completely better. My skin felt smoother, I starting noticeably breaking out less, and most importantly, my skin went back to the normal color the rest of my body is.

That was a few months ago, and I’ve continued to leave my face alone and have kept up the great results. The only time I touch my face is when I use makeup remover at night and when I put moisturizer on in the morning (I have naturally dry skin and dry skin creates oil and oil creates pimples!). My skin has honestly never felt better and I wish I started doing this years ago. Now that my skin looks better I don’t felt the need to wear coverup as often, and wearing less makeup only increases how good my skin looks.

I understand everyone has different skin and what worked for me may not work for everyone (maybe only for people with dry skin?), but I urge everyone to just try leaving their face alone and see what happens. It’s hard, but just go one week without foundation/cover up/etc and don’t wash your face (unless your skin is really oily, then I’d recommend using cleanser once or twice a week) and see if this helps. The less you put on your face, the less you’ll irritate the skin and the better your skin will look.

Below are a few things to keep in mind during your quest for clearer skin:

1. Stop touching your face (your hands are covered in bacteria)

2. Stop exfoliating so much (this should be done lightly once a week and no more or you risk irritating your skin, creating redness)

3. Stop splashing water on your face multiple times a day (you can use some warm water in the morning and at night but water will dry your skin out, which will make your skin look red or flaky)

4. Stop using cleanser unless you’re super oily or sweaty (even the most gentle cleansers will dry your skin out, leaving it red and irritated. If you need to use a cleanser, use it no more than once a week).

Hope this helps ❤


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