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What Being a Feminist Doesn’t Mean

As there seems to be some confusion lately regarding the goals and beliefs of feminism, please let me clarify:


As a feminist, this is what I believe in:

-the social, political, and economic equality between men and women

 As a feminist, these are things I do not believe to be true:

-that most men do not respect women

-that most men do not deserve to be respected

-that most men intentionally attempt to subjugate women

-that I am a helpless victim who is empowered by her declaration of being a victim

-that men do not have issues

-that men cannot be oppressed or victimized

-that all women are targets of violence and oppression and need to be saved because they are not strong enough to help themselves

-that women are weak, feeble-minded, and need to be empowered in order to have control over their lives

-that men should be blamed for a woman’s actions, whether that be physical or sexual

-that individual men should be blamed for the oppressive structures that have been built over the past few centuries

-that all men are privileged and lead unburdened lives

-that women cannot enjoy sex or their bodies without being objectified

-that being a feminist is only reserved for lesbians

-that feminism has no place for men or women who love (romantically, emotionally, physically, etc) men

-that women have no agency

-that being a woman means you cannot be inherently courageous or strong


Admitting that there are structural institutions in place which benefit men more than women does not make women helpless victims or strip away their courage or independence. It takes a strong and courageous person to stand up and state that some things are not systemically fair and demand change. People who believe that feminism is about hating men and stripping agency away from women are very unfortunately misinformed about its intentions. Similarly to every other large organization and movement that has every existed, there are outliers in the feminist movement who do hate men, are lesbians, have a victim complex, and reflect every bad stereotype you’ve ever heard. That is not the majority of us. Just because a prominent feminist can spew her hateful thoughts in a public and far-spread manner does not mean she speaks for all of us.

Feminism is, has been, and will continue to mean, believing in equal chances, opportunities, resources, and respect for all genders, sexual orientations, and people.



2 comments on “What Being a Feminist Doesn’t Mean

  1. Grief Happens
    July 17, 2014

    Well said.

  2. brownam06
    July 19, 2014

    I as a christian often find myself on the chopping block defending my stance as a feminist…. it never fails show everyone chooses to hold onto stereotypes and misconceptions rather than ::gasp:: God forbid, delving into an academic understanding as to why being a proud woman is an “ism” in the first place…. brava for you positive stance and showing that “feminist is NOT a 4 letter word”!!!!

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