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Random Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

1. Want your hair to curl better? Whether your hair starts out wet or is already dry, blow drying your hair before you curl it will create static and will boost the bounce in your hair.

2. Tweeze your eyebrows after you shower. The steam produced from a warm shower will soften your hair follicles and as a result it will be much easier (and way less painful!) to groom your eyebrows.

3. Don’t brush your hair while it’s wet. When your hair is wet, it is fragile and more susceptible to breakage than when it is dry. Always gently towel dry your hair or let your hair air dry before you comb, and when you do, make sure to use a wide-tooth comb and start from the bottom.

4. Eliminate bad breath by brushing your tongue. Your tongue can trap germs and little bits of food the same as your teeth do, and when left alone, bacteria can grow that causes bad breath. Minimize bad breath by brushing gently from the back of your tongue to the front.

5. Trim your hair regularly to avoid breakage. When left untreated, split ends will creep up your hair folicles, causing the breakage to creep closer and closer to your roots. By regularly trimming your hair (I trim a few millimeters once a week), you are eliminating the chance for split ends to destroy the last couple inches of your hair.

6. Avoid dry skin by taking warm showers. Taking showers that are too hot will dry out your skin, which can cause it too look rough and cracked. Dry skin can cause also oil to build up, which will result in a buildup of impurities (ie pimples). If you insist on taking steaming hot showers, be sure to moisturize your body with lotion after you shower.

7. Use a loofah to get rid of bumpy skin. Little bumps on your skin appear when dead skin cells get trapped on your skin’s surface. By using a loofah in the shower you are gently removing those dead skin cells, allowing the newest skin cells to show and making your skin looks smoother and brighter than ever.

8. Put lotion on right after you shower. The steam from a warm shower open up all the pores in your body, allowing whatever you put onto your skin to be absorbed at a maximum rate. Get into the habit of putting on lotion after every shower and shortly your skin will feel baby soft all the time.

10. Know that dry skin CAN produce oil and therefore will cause impurities. When your skin gets dry, your body creates mass amounts of oil to try to hydrate your skin and sometimes, too much oil is produced and the result = pimples. If you sense your face is getting too dry (like in the winter), buy a moisturizer to use a few times a week and keep that oil at bay!

11. Wear brown or charcoal eyeliner for a softer look. If you have a light complexion, you run the risk of making yourself look extra pale by wearing black eyeliner. If you find that black eyeliner is just too harsh for your skin tone, trade in the black for a shade of brown or charcoal.

12. Always use lots of conditioner after you lighten your hair at home. Essentially, the more you damage your hair the lighter it gets, which is why lemon juice, the sun, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach are all great ways to lighten your locks: because they do massive damage to your hair. While they do work, never forget to use copious amounts of conditioner each time you shower after you lighten your hair at  home in order to combat the damage you are doing by lightening your hair.

Some extra (small) tips!

13. Want whiter teeth? Use toothpaste that advertises baking soda as one of its ingredients for extra white teeth!

14. Keep your hair hydrated! Any form of heat, (sun, heater, dryer), WILL dry your hair out and damage it! Try not to use a hairdryer and if you do, keep it a safe distance away from your head.

15. Want longer lashes? Apply multiple coats of mascara while the first coat is still wet or your eyelashes will still be clumpy.

16. Avoid soda-stained teeth. Always brush your teeth after drinking dark soda to avoid stained teeth.

17. Apply liquid foundation correctly. If your skin is dry when you apply liquid foundation, your face will look flaky, dry, and rough. Avoid this problem by applying moisturizer first.


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