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Always Dressed to Impress: Olivia Palermo

An American model and socialite, Olivia Palermo has taken the fashion world by storm with her daily fashion-forward and creative ensembles. Don’t think feather skirts, leather shorts, fringed heels, or mixing plaid with stripes can look good? THINK AGAIN. Olivia has the style, poise, grace, and precision necessary to pull off those looks and more. While you may not like or appreciate all of her outfits, you should still draw inspiration from her bold choices and feel inspired to try some new styles for yourself. Despite the nerves that are associated with trying new things, especially when you’re trying new things that everyone gets to see, don’t be nervous to step outside the box and do something different. If you’re worried that you just don’t have good taste and any new outfit you try will look disastrous, know that the only way to combat that is by studying up on fashion and simply looking at photos of good outfits. Below is a gallery is just a small percentage of her outfits that I enjoy, and I hope that by looking at them, your scope of fashion and what you’re willing to wear will expand.

Visit her website here for fashion, lifestyle, and travel tips!

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