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Best Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces: they’re big, chunky, heavy, eye-catching, and quite stylish at the moment. For a long time I considered myself below the worth of a statement necklace, I thought it was too much for me, a little too far out of my usual style. And then one day, I saw it. A beautifully draped, coral colored,  hexagonal shaped beaded necklace at H&M. I had to have it. I bought it and the risk paid off: the very first time I wore it in public a stranger complimented me on my ‘beautiful necklace.’ Let me tell you, that compliment felt good, DAMN good. I wanted more of them. So what did I do? I bought more necklace statement necklaces! I like to dress simple, without a lot of zippers bells whistles whatever, and I found that a big and/or colorful statement necklace was an easy way to instantly upgrade my necklace. Once I summoned the courage to wear my first one in public, I quickly forgot that I needed courage in the first place to wear one. No matter your style or preferred style of dress, there are lotsa statement necklaces out there, browse through enough and I’m sure you’ll find one (or two, or maybe more…) that you really like and will be able to pull off beautifully.


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