Added vs. Natural Sugar

Sugar. You love it. I love it. We all love it. But did you know that not all of it is bad for you? Let's discuss. Added Sugar Added sugar is sugar that humans manually add to foods. Picture the white, granular sugar that you bake with and that's what we're generally talking about here.... Continue Reading →


Coloring for Results

I've been all about Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair lately. I'm a natural brunette who's fantasized about having pastel pink hair for years and I finally decided to do something about it. I didn't exactly have ~$000's to spend on this though, so I decided to have some DIY hair fun and bought a bleach kit... Continue Reading →

Learning to Love Your Inbox

Learning how to balance work while keeping up with your inbox can be tough. It’s frustrating, and not to mention stressful, when you’re trying to get work done while being acutely aware that your inbox is slowly but surely filling up. It’s easy to fall into the habit of checking your email every few minutes... Continue Reading →

Black and White Paradigms and #MeToo

I spend a lot of time reading op-eds, articles, blog posts, and social media comments about sexual misconduct and the #MeToo movement, and what never ceases to strike me is the strict duality in which people view life, as well as other people.  It's significantly easier for people to view the world in black and... Continue Reading →

Effective Study Habits 101

When I started grad school last year, I decided to get serious about my study habits. I had limited time to do everything, so I wanted to change my study habits to ensure I was using my time wisely and being as efficient as possible while learning as much as possible. Two semesters later, I'm... Continue Reading →

Best Foods to Smear on Your Skin

Winter is coming. And so is all the cold, wet weather these dark months bring. Personally, winter's two biggest offenses are thus: you can't wear a coat to the bar or else you're stuck awkwardly holding it all night, and the cold and wind deprives your beautiful face of all the moisture it needs. And make... Continue Reading →

Impulsive Piercing Testimonial

COGNITIVE REFLECTION I've never exactly been the type to take risks, or really go out of my way to do something that I could possibly be judged for. I'm 22 and I know it's silly, but I sometimes find it hard to try new styles or activities that broaden the definition of who I am... Continue Reading →

Quick Tips on Reviewing Your Writing

Whether you're a student regularly writing papers or memos, a blog writer, or a fan of writing really long Facebook posts, good writing will boost your credibility with your audience. Grammar and punctuation errors, run-on sentences, and poor wording distract from your content and make the piece less powerful. Your writing is good - don't... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Grad School

So you're thinking about applying to graduate school, congratulations! Applying to grad school is a truly exciting period of your life because it means you're committing to embarking on a new journey to make yourself a better person, and I seriously respect that. That being said, it's also a time-consuming, intensive, and expensive process. Applying to grad... Continue Reading →

Getting Over Your Fear of the Gym

My undergraduate institution had a kick-ass gym. It was a new, state-of-the art complex with various exercise rooms, three floors of every type of exercise machine you could (and couldn't) imagine, and even an indoor running track. Truly incredible. Yet, I'm ashamed to say I never once used it until two or so years into... Continue Reading →

Preparing for the Interview

Whether you work to live or live to work, interviewing is an inevitable part of life. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, your dream job is not going to be handed to you on a silver platter: you’re going to have to earn it. And the way you earn it is by kicking ass in... Continue Reading →

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